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Mario Rivera Official Site

musician – composer – teacher


Mario Rivera – Roots ‘n’ Bass
(CNI – 2000)


Mario Rivera – O.S.T.
(Helikonia – 2007)


Agricantus – Turnari
(CNI – 2014)


Agricantus – Felicia Impastato
Digital Edition
(CNI/ – 2016)


Mario Rivera & Gabriele Coen – Notturno Bus O.S.T.
(Storie di Note – 2007)


Mario Rivera & Gabriele Coen – Satyricon Circus
(CNI – 2007)


Gabriele Coen Sextet – Sephirot . Kabbalah in Music
(Parco della Musica Records – 2017)


Stefano Saletti e Banda Ikona – Soundcity

(Finisterre – 2016)




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Workshop @ MOB in Palermo

On May, 19th and 20th starts a new collaboration with the MOB Music School in Palermo; two workshops with a monthly meeting that I will have the pleasure of giving in my home city.

“Radici” is a music workshop dedicated to Mediterranean ethnic music. An educational path that will allow you to know influences, contaminations and specificity of the many musical traditions, through which to deepen the vocal styles and interpretative techniques. A journey through time and space: from the polyphonic songs of Sicily and Sardinia to those of Corsica and the Balkans; from the Hebrew songs of the Italian tradition to the Sephardic ones; from the experiences of singing in Sabir, the ancient language of the Mediterranean, to the Portuguese fado; from the Arab-Andalusian influences to the songs of North Africa.

“Music and video” deals, instead, with transmitting the necessary knowledge to start a professional career in the world of music as a soundtrack. Documentaries, theater and cinema will be investigated separately, highlighting similarities and differences. Particular attention will be given to the use of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) such as Logic Pro X, Cubase and Nuendo, Avid ProTools, notation software (Finale, Sibelius), in their most useful functions for the work of composing soundtracks. In addition, the various aspects of the complex relationship between musician / composer and the various roles within the cinematographic production chain will be investigated.

Balon, the new movie by Pasquale Scimeca at Torino Film Festival

Balon (The Ball) is the new movie by Pasquale Scimeca. After the world premiere at the Tallin Festival, on November 30th will be premiered at the Torino Film Festival. The main character are the young David Koroma and Yabom Fatmata Kabia, the original soundtrack by Mario Rivera.

Amin and his sister Isoké live in a village of poor people in sub-Saharan Africa. One day a band of predons attack the village, burn their homes, and kill their parents and brothers. Left alone, the two boys flee northward until they reach the desert where they are rescued by a couple of archaeologists who take them to Libya. Captured by a militia, after months of violence, imprisonment, and slave labor, they can climb on a boat that drives the anchor to the unknown …

The collaboration with Pasquale Scimeca, which was already begun with Placido Rizzotto (2000) with the role of pastor and soundtrack of Agricantus and continued with Gli Indesiderabili (2003) as Ezio Taddei, is now renewed. In this case with the song “Dreams burn in time”, with the lyrics written by Scimeca himself and Mario Rivera’s music. Here is the video clip of the song singed by Ida Turay.


Carta Bianca a Gabriele Coen – Roma, Ballad Café

“Carta Bianca a Gabriele Coen”, four concerts in four different nights dedicated to the Roman multi-instrumentalist and composer with whom I have the pleasure of collaborating for many years. From the tribute to John Coltrane on Thursday, November 16th to that of klezmer music on Sunday 19, passing by two evenings where I will have the honor to share the stage with musicians of tremendous value.

Friday, November 17th h. 22:30, “Sephardic Tinge” with Gabriele Coen, saxes, clarinet –  Alessandro Gwis, piano – Mario Rivera, electric bass


Saturday, November 18th, h. 22:30, “Jewish Experience” with Gabriele Coen saxes, clarinet – Pietro Lussu, piano – Mario Rivera, 6 strings acoustic bass and Luca Caponi, drums.


John Zorn describes the Roman artist as follows: “Gabriele Coen is capable of combining profound knowledge and sincere respect for tradition, with an exceptional communicative intuition and an imaginative sensibility. At the forefront, yet firmly rooted in tradition, Gabriele Coen expresses passion, integrity and impeccable interpretative art”.

Ballad Caffè – via di Porta Labicana 52, Roma – Info and tickets: tel: 3396334700

Mostra Viva del Mediterrani – Banda Ikona a Valencia

On Thursday, October 12th, I’ll play with Banda Ikona at the Mostra Viva del Mediterraneo in Valencia. The event is dedicated to the arts of the Mediterranean countries and includes initiatives dedicated to cinema, music, theater, visual arts, theater. The program is available here

Banda Ikona will play at Palau de la Musica at 20:30.



Musician, composer, music teacher, born in Palermo, he lives in Rome since the mid-1990s.

Co-founder of Agricantus – Premio Italiano della Musica (1996) – Targa Tenco album in dialect (1997) – David di Donatello best film soundtrack nomination for Placido Rizzotto (2000) – Premio Sicilia (2014).

Film soundtracks: Hamam – Il Bagno Turco (1997) – I giardini dell’Eden (1998) – Placido Rizzotto (2000) – Notturno Bus (2007) – Scontro di Civiltà per un Ascensore a Piazza Vittorio (2010) – Matrimoni e Altri Disastri (2010) – Felicia Impastato (2016) – L’Arma Più Forte (2016).

Theatre soundtracks: Doppio Gioco (2003) – Quattro Stagioni (2003) – Il Sogno di Bottom (2004) – Il Dolce Canto degli Dei (2005) – Bangkok 2 (2006) – Satyricon – La Cena di Trimalcione (2007) – La Favola di Amore e Psiche (2008).

Solo albums: Roots ‘n’ Bass (CNI – 2000) feat. Dissidenten, Lester Bowie & Rodolfo Maltese, John Trudell, Leonardo Cesari, Klezroym, Agricantus, Nuklearte – O.S.T. (Helikonia – 2007) feat. Gabriele Coen, Barbara Eramo, Stefano Saletti, Lutte Berg.

Current projects: Agricantus – Piccola Banda Ikona – Gabriele Coen Jewish Experience – Festival Sete Sòis Sete Luas – Siniscalchi/Coen “Ho visto Nina volare (tribute to F. De André) – Maam Jaarra Gueye Mbacke.


My educational activities include lessons in electric, acoustic bass and u-bass (rock, pop, ethnic, jazz), music theory and theory applied to the instrument, ear training and computer music.

Courses are customised to match each student’s level and musical tastes.

I am available for private lessons, via Skype or at different music schools in Rome.

Please contact me for more information.



  • Introduction to the instrument (posture, hands position, tuning and others basic elements)
  • Bass types and the unique characteristics of different instruments
  • Bass clef reading (progressive exercises)
  • Technique (specific exercises for right and left hands)
  • Intervals/chords/triads (theory and practice)
  • Major scales/Minor scales/Symmetrical scales and related harmonisations (theory and practice)
  • Quadriads and arpeggios (theory and practice)
  • Music theory applied to the instrument
  • Progressive study of at least 10 songs of styles and genres, at the student’s request.


  • Notation software overview and basic concepts
  • Writing methods, simple entry, speedy entry. Cut, copy, paste procedures.
  • Articulation, expression tools
  • Polyphony and layers
  • Chords entry
  • Text blocks, images, lyrics.
  • Playback / Channels and instruments
  • Percussion notation
  • MIDI (basics)
  • Layout
  • Special instruments
  • Parts management and parts extraction
  • Digital score composition (various levels of difficulty)


  • Introduction to computer music
  • Classification of computer music software
  • File types
  • Editing
  • Audio editing
  • MIDI
  • Synthesis and sampling
  • EQs (types and use)
  • Plug-ins
  • Dynamic processors and effects
  • Session optimisation
  • Mixing and mastering (basics)
  • Home studio set-ups
  • Choosing the right devices and computers

Contact me

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